[IoTeX Bytes] - May 2021 Monthly Update

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🤖 Greetings IoTeX Community 🖖🏻

May was another hyper-productive month for IoTeX with a stream of new tech releases, partnerships, and enterprise efforts. As investors dump their shiba-themed tokens and flock to projects with real use cases, IoTeX’s top news this month showcase our long-term value in the blockchain universe. First, IoTeX was elected Vice Chair of the IEEE’s “Blockchain Usage for IoT” standard, positioning us to work with top enterprises to define how blockchain will be used in the real world. Second, the US Navy signed a $1.5M contract with Consensus Networks to build a medical supply chain solution on IoTeX. These monumental achievements are a reminder that: hype can be purchased, but reputation and adoption must be earned.

It’s not easy to top these two massive announcements, but the main event in May was the official activation of Mainnet v1.2, the most advanced version of the IoTeX blockchain yet! Read on 👇🏼

Mainnet v1.2 — Sparking the Cambrian Explosion

This is not your average network upgrade. Just as the Cambrian Explosion birthed the first advanced organisms over 500 million years ago, Mainnet v1.2 is set to unleash an incredible wave of new DApps and tokens on IoTeX in 2021 and beyond!

With Mainnet v1.2, developers can not only port over EVM-compatible DApps to IoTeX in minutes, but also enjoy ultra-low fees, 5-sec blocks with instant finality, and IoTeX-only features like real world data to create never-before-seen DApps. Like we always say, real world data will change everything for blockchain, and Mainnet v1.2 makes it easier than ever for builders to connect the physical and digital worlds with IoTeX.

Mainnet v1.2 is not just for developers — it also makes the full suite of Ethereum tools available to IoTeX users. Starting now, anyone can now enjoy their favorite Ethereum tools like MetaMask on IoTeX with no dev experience required!

🌎 IoTeX has been appointed Vice Chair of the IEEE Standard for "Blockchain Use in IoT" (P2418.1). This standard will provide a universal framework for the usage of blockchain within traditional IoT systems -- we hosted an exclusive interview with IEEE to explore the wide-ranging impacts of this appointment!

⚓️ The US Navy signed a $1.5M contract with Consensus Networks for HealthNet, a medical supply chain solution powered by IoTeX. Watch our exclusive interview with Consensus Networks on how Pebble Tracker enables military-grade supply chains.

💧 Throughout May, we hosted Airdrip IGNITE where $100,000+ of mimo LP tokens were “dripped” to Burn-Drop eligible stakers. To close out Airdrip IGNITE, we distributed the first-ever GameFantasy $GFT tokens to our true believers!

🔗 The IoTeX cross-chain ecosystem continues to grow rapidly. In May, we unveiled our first Cosmos partnership via Sifchain, the leading omni-chain DEX, and also progressed our partnership with Polygon by activating our cross-chain bridge.

📸 Ucam, the first “Powered by IoTeX” device, continues to gain mainstream traction with 4,500+ Ucams now active in 58 countries! This month, we brought Ucam to b8ta, a top destination for modern tech and our first physical retail location.

Raullen’s Op-Eds in IoT for All & Toolbox

IoTeX cofounder Raullen had a busy month with poignant opinion pieces published in IoT for All and Toolbox, two leading tech publications with millions of global readers. Get the latest on the Blockchain & IoT landscape with these must-read op-eds!

Ucam Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Ucam’s focus on privacy and user data ownership has never been more important, and the mainstream media is taking notice! Ucam was featured this month in Entrepreneur, a top mainstream media publication with 11M+ readers.

CoinDesk Features IoTeX as the Future of NFTs

IoTeX is making waves with “proof of presence”, our new concept that makes verifiable GPS data available to IoTeX smart contracts. See why CoinDesk calls “proof of presence” the next evolution for the NFT space — the future is here!

➡️ New Pebble Tracker case — sleek, discrete, sexy.

Blockchain & IoT never looked so good! Join the real world data mining revolution and order your Pebble Tracker now on CrowdSupply.

➡️ Join our $8,000 trading competition with Quadency.

➡️ Ucam comes to b8ta, our first physical retail store.

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